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It’s When the Alleged Harm, Not the Alleged Negligence, Occurs that Triggers Coverage Under an Occurrence-Based Business Liability Policy

CGL – TRIGGER OF COVERAGE – OCCURRENCE – EMOTIONAL DISTRESS CLAIMS Empire State Shipping Serv., Ltd. v Hanover Ins. Co. (1st Dept., decided 11/1/2011) Interesting trigger of coverage case. The insured plaintiff allegedly mishandled a corpse, but the deceased’s mother … Continue reading

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Cruise Ship Crash Triggers Fears of Death

Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Admiralty-Maritime Law

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‘Illegal Number’ Triggers Flood of MPAA Cease-and Desist Letters

Kudos to Digg and its founder Kevin Rose for standing up to Hollywood censorship by eventually refusing to delete news stories that contain what the MPAA considers to be an “illegal number”. A particular hex number unlocks the encryption code … Continue reading

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