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Blog Post: Wash. AG Raises Standard For Tribal Consent, Consultation

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Tribal Regulation of Single-Use Plastics

The world is waking up to the growing problem of plastic waste contaminating our ocean and terrestrial environments. Local governments—lauded as laboratories of innovation—have begun enacting bans and fees on single-use plastics, reducing the amount entering the waste stream in … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Claims Miccosukee Tribal Police Kidnapped Newborn Girl from Hospital

When most parents welcome the arrival of a new baby in the hospital, there's a certain expectation that the hospital staff will help keep the child safe until the family leaves to go home. Unfortunately for one South Florida couple, … Continue reading

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Tenth Circuit Takes Expansive View of the Definition of the Term “Mining,” Holding Wind Farm Project Needs Permit Prior to Commencement of Excavation in Tribal Mineral Estate

United States of America v. Osage Wind, LLC et al., 871 F.3d 1078 2017 WL 4109940 (10th Cir. Sept. 18, 2017). Causing heartburn for project applicants developing on tribal land, the Tenth Circuit reversed the District Court for the Northern District … Continue reading

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PTAB puts a stop to Allergan's tribal sovereign immunity gamble

Substance over form matters in RESTASIS IPR disputeBack in September 2017, the AmeriKat posted about the transactional strategy executed by Allergan and the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe to avoid the jurisdiction of the PTAB. Allergan transferred all of its Orange Book listed … Continue reading

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