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$1.65 Million Mediation Settlement Reached in Late Diagnosis and Treatment of Bowel Perforations

In a confidential report of this case, Doe, age 55, underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy performed by a surgeon and partner. During the procedure, the surgeon was concerned that one of the trocars used could have perforated the patient’s small bowel. … Continue reading

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Providing Cancer Treatment Without Patient Consent

My latest law and ethics column in the ASCO Post is "Providing Cancer Treatment Without Patient Consent." My other columns have been on MAID and on informed consent. Upcoming columns address racist patients and medical futility. Making medical decisions for … Continue reading

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Negligence Lawsuit Filed After Woman Dies from Bedbug Treatment

Last July, an 82-year-old woman, Elizabeth Ashbaugh, tragically died shortly after her apartment complex was treated for bed bugs. Now, her family is “suing the pest control company as well as the owners of the Houston apartment complex, Laurel Point … Continue reading

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THEY SEEM TO WORK: Once a weird, fringe treatment, fecal transplants have started becoming mainstre…

THEY SEEM TO WORK: Once a weird, fringe treatment, fecal transplants have started becoming mainstream. The unusual treatment has been rediscovered many times since, but it’s finally starting to enter the medical mainstream. Partly, that’s because of a surge of … Continue reading

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Termination of police officer for dishonesty overturned, disparate treatment renders discipline excessive

Arbitrator Bruce McIntosh reduced a termination to a six month suspension for a police officer who was alleged to have intentionally defaced a newly painted locker room wall.Another officer in the locker room heard someone enter and then the sound … Continue reading

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