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Florida Gynecologist Who Treated Incontinence Sentenced to Federal Prison After Being Convicted at Trial of Health Care Fraud

Going to trial is a difficult choice for health care providers in paper fraud cases where there are numerous and obvious billing errors. The issue is usually whether the government can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was intent … Continue reading

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Eligible Claims for Veterans Treated at the VA Treatment Centers

30% of our total asbestos claims are filed by veterans and that is a result of the widespread use of asbestos in all the branches of the US Armed Forces. In addition to the VA benefits, veterans can also receive … Continue reading

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"SNL" uses the stalest Christmas sketch idea of all and — because it's anti-Trump — gets treated as brilliant.

I'm glancing at "SNL asks ‘What if Trump were never elected?’ in a star-studded ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ spoof" (WaPo). Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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Texting and Driving Should Be Treated Like Drunk Driving, Says LA Times Article

Texting and driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle collisions and, as an opinion article in the Los Angeles Times recently indicated, it is “fast becoming the new drunk driving,” as a result of just how dangerous … Continue reading

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How Retirement Plans Are Treated in a Divorce

Retirement plans can be one of the largest assets a married couple owns. When a divorce happens, each spouse may have a right to the funds in one spouse’s retirement account. How these funds are split up will be decided … Continue reading

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