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Selling or Transferring California Real Estate that Is Subject to a “Due on Sale” Clause

Author: Staff Most real estate purchases require some form of financing. Banks that issue loans for the purchase of real estate protect their investments in several important ways. The most well-known is the deed of trust, by which the borrower conveys … Continue reading

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Transferring Property to a Spouse After IRS Lien

There are a number of difficult questions that come up when one spouse owes the IRS and also owns property jointly with their spouse. The question is often whether the spouses can transfer the property to the non-liable spouse. The … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Orders Military to Notify ACLU before Transferring Suspected ISIS Fighter and US Citizen

A federal judge for the District Court for the District of Columbia ruled on January 23rd that the Department of Defense must give both the court and the ACLU three days’ notice before it seeks to transfer a United States … Continue reading

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Divorce and Transferring the House

Thanks to Nicole N. Middendorf (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) for this post! See her contact info below. When you get divorced and are taking the house as part of the divorce, there are no tax implications on the sale of … Continue reading

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