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Teo Kulic Dies In A Traffic Crash In Pinellas Park, FL

A 17-year-old from St. Petersburg dies in a crash on Wednesday night due to a car crash. According to the Pinellas Park Police Department, 17-year-old Teo Kulic died in a crash at the intersection of 49th Street and 70th Avenue … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: A "toxic" employee, a teacher and a traffic stop, and correcting a mistake

Termination of "toxic" employee upheldArbitrator Craig Allen denied the grievance filed on behalf of an employee of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources contesting her termination. The grievant was terminated for two alleged offenses. The first was a time sheet … Continue reading

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Passenger Rights During A Traffic Stop in Illinois | Do Passengers in a Traffic Stop Need to Show ID?

In this article, we explain passenger rights in a traffic stop in Illinois. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that passengers in a vehicle which has been stopped by police have been “seized” for purposes of asserting their fourth … Continue reading

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"The April 20 Cannabis Celebration and Fatal Traffic Crashes in the United States"

The title of this post is the title of this notable new "Research Letter" authored by John Staples and Donald Redelmeier published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Here is how the publication starts and ends: On April 20 each year, thousands … Continue reading

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Mark Bowman calls for change in 'illogical' traffic laws following Caixia Sun inquest

Following the inquest into the death of Caixia Sun this week, Mark Bowman is supporting a campaign to have the law relating to people driving on private land brought into line with drivers on public roads. Mrs Sun, 50, died … Continue reading

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