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Airbnb Traffic Accidents in Hollywood and Florida

Short-term rentals have become more popular in places such as Hollywood, Miami, and other parts of Southern Florida. Short-term rentals are one way for homeowners to make money, but having guests in a home can also lead to injuries. In … Continue reading

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Florida woman pulls alligator out of pants during traffic stop – ABC News

A Florida woman pulled a small alligator out of her pants during a traffic stop Monday morning, authorities said. The unidentified woman showed an officer the reptile when asked, "Do you have anything else?" There were also 42 striped mud … Continue reading

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Bike lanes need physical protection from car traffic, study shows

Really! – that took how long to determine?….ars technica – Drivers left bikes less room in the presence of parked cars and painted bike lanes. ” There are plenty of good reasons that people should cycle more. People who exercise … Continue reading

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Traffic Accidents Along Highway Construction Routes Raising Concern

No matter where you commute to Atlanta from, it seems as though each interstate has its own construction projects jamming up traffic. Although the new express lanes have hopes to unclog congestion at rush hour, the ongoing construction to put … Continue reading

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Georgia Court Allows Late Filing in Car Accident Case Because of Traffic Citation

Georgia personal injury cases generally have to abide by a two-year statute of limitations. This means that plaintiffs have two years after a car crash or other personal injury incident to file a lawsuit in court. However, there are exceptions … Continue reading

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