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5 SEO Tips to Help Law Firm Websites Increase Traffic [Infographic]

If your law firm website is not consistently delivering the amount of traffic you need to generate leads, you could be the victim of bad SEO. Here are five tips on how to right the wrongs that could be plaguing … Continue reading

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Should Cyclists in Georgia Ride in the Same Direction as Traffic?

Cyclists in Georgia are extremely vulnerable. Many parts of the state are not bike friendly. However, we sometimes see riders putting themselves in greater harm by failing to abide by the rules. Many drivers have experienced a cyclist heading toward … Continue reading

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3 Things to Keep in Mind During a Police Traffic Stop

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will probably happen to you at one point or another… You’re driving along, listening to the radio, when all the sudden you hear that whine of the siren and the red and … Continue reading

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New York State Driver and Out-of-State Traffic Ticket – What Now?

True story. While in Idaho visiting my sister, her and I decided to drive to California to see Mom and Dad. I had been driving for about 10 hours and was about 50 miles from my destination when I was … Continue reading

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Emergency Brake Blamed At Trial After Runaway Navistar Truck Rolls Into Oncoming Traffic

Read more detail on Recent Medical Malpractice posts –

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