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Google Adwords: 8 Tips to Amplify Your ROI on PPC Ads

The following article appeared in the most recent issue of Attorney at Law Magazine: Adwords or pay-per-click advertising (PPC) for law firms can really pay off for lead generation, but only if you know what you’re doing. Eighty percent of … Continue reading

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National 406 Day and 8 EPIRB Tips

April 6th is National 406 Day. It is easy to remember, as the date (04/06) corresponds to the 406 MHz frequency used by these devices to transmit digital signals to satellites. These beacons are considered by many in the maritime … Continue reading

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“101 Pro Tips – Career Advice for the Ages” Paperback!

You know you’re old when you’re writing a book with career advice. John & I have wrapped up our latest paperback – “101 Pro Tips – Career Advice for the Ages” Paperback. Here’s the “Table of Contents.” It’s free for … Continue reading

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How To Effectively Cite Authority: Tips from a Judge

How you include legal citations in a motion’s supporting memorandum can make the difference between being successfully persuasive and losing credibility. Here is citation advice from the Honorable W.F. Rylaarsdam, retired Justice of the California Court of Appeal for the … Continue reading

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4 Helpful Tips to Becoming Successful Co-Parents

Post-divorce or post-separation communications with your former spouse or the other parent may be awkward at first. During your divorce, you may have relied upon your attorney to handle most of the communication between you and the other parent. The … Continue reading

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