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Cases—June 10th through 16th, 2018

Contract/Noncompete/Trade Secret/Wrongful TerminationGrimm v. DxNA LLC (Utah Ct. App., June 14, 2018) (affirming determination that Grimm had an enforceable employment agreement with DxNA) Read more detail on Recent Employment Law posts –

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The Difference Engine: Perpetuating Poverty Through Algorithms

Virginia Eubanks, Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor (2018). Rebecca Tushnet We have a problem with poverty, which we have converted into a problem with poor people. Policymakers tout technology as a way to make … Continue reading

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Cases — May 20th through 26th, 2018

Discrimination/Retaliation *Christmon v. B&B Airparts, Inc. (10th Cir., May 24, 2018) (affirming summary judgment in favor of B&B on Christmon's religious discrimination claim: B&B reasonably accommodated Christmon's beliefs) Labor Unions Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis (U.S., May 21, 2018) (The … Continue reading

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Tracking the Rise of Shareholder Activism through Withhold Campaigns in North America

In a recent post about Canadian proxy contest trends, we discussed the growing concern with “The Active Passive investor” and potential issues on the horizon given a surge in the use of “withhold” campaigns. As of late, the prominence of … Continue reading

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E. coli Outbreak Zips Through the Smokey Mountains

By: Dwight Spencer. There has been another major E. coli outbreak in the United States. But oddly, not related to food. This time, ground zero revolves around an outdoor adventure company located in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. The water … Continue reading

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