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Text of 9th Circuit Decision in adidas v Skechers (three stripes)

Justia summary: Skechers challenged the district court’s issuance of a preliminary injunction prohibiting it from selling shoes that allegedly infringe and dilute adidas America, Inc.’s Stan Smith trade dress and Three-Stripe trademark. The panel affirmed in part, holding that the … Continue reading

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Three Issues Faced By Senior Living Facilities

Senior living faces many issues. Solutions to these problems are consistently being discussed by the government and other stakeholders. However, many of these issues are difficult and costly to solve. For example, staffing and regulation of facilities are problems consistently … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for Wrongful Termination and Discrimination Lawsuits Against NFL

Two cheerleaders have filed lawsuits against the National Football League for what they say was wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment. One cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints was dismissed after she posted a bathing suit photo of herself online, and … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Master Services Agreement

Are you tired of jumping through legal approval hoops every time you start a new project with an existing client? Then your business probably needs a master services agreement (MSA).  A master services agreement is a contract that spells out … Continue reading

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Three Children Found Drunk on Vodka While Mom Was Out

A mother who had left her three children unattended at home for a time is facing charges after the authorities discovered the kids outdoors and allegedly very intoxicated. On Monday, April 30, three young children from Gastonia, NC, were allegedly … Continue reading

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