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A Couple Thoughts on Apple v. Samsung (part ?100?)

I've done a few interviews about the latest Apple v. Samsung design patent jury verdict, but journalistic space means I only get a couple sentences in. So, I thought I would lay out a couple points I see as important. … Continue reading

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When to Protest: Thoughts on Challenging a Defective Solicitation

Two pieces of advice I often provide to government contractors are: 1.When responding to a solicitation, give the government precisely what it asks for – right down to the letter.  This includes providing the information in the correct section of … Continue reading

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Our Thoughts on Stock Photos and Legal Web Design

We’re professional legal bloggers, so we focus more on the content of a legal website rather than its design. With that said, though, our blogging escapades and SEO research have brought us to hundreds of law firm websites, giving us … Continue reading

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Some thoughts after reading two contributions to the Marquette symposium on legal scholarship

My kids say that they’re going to have “It’s Complicated” engraved on my gravestone. That’s why I don’t tweet (and often have misgivings about blogging). I suspect that the only way to “promote reasoned debate” on Twitter is to point … Continue reading

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Could Cryptocurrency Stop People From Torrenting Porn? A Defense Attorney’s Thoughts and a Possible Solution – ISP Subpoena Defense

STRIKE 3 HOLDINGS LLC and MALIBU MEDIA LLC are both Adult Movie producers who sue Internet users for allegedly obtaining their porn for free using BitTorrent file sharing programs. But why are people torrenting porn and leaving themselves vulnerable to … Continue reading

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