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SO IT’S COME TO THIS: A YouTuber was fined $1,100 for posting clips of his girlfriend’s dog giving a…

SO IT’S COME TO THIS: A YouTuber was fined $1,100 for posting clips of his girlfriend’s dog giving a Nazi salute. These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts … Continue reading

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Strike 3 Holdings Files Subpoenas: What does this mean?

Have you received a subpoena from Strike 3 Holdings in Illinois? Don’t panic, as the nation’s most experienced ISP subpoena defense firm we can help you decide your next steps. Strike 3 Holdings in Illinois is aggressively filing federal copyright … Continue reading

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This “Captured Audience” will break the Romaine E. coli Outbreak

Eight people locked up together eating the same romaine lettuce at the same time is an epidemiologist’s dream – especially when those eight people are linked to some 50 illnesses linked to romaine lettuce in the “lower 48.”  You can … Continue reading

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This isn’t the first time a tech boom has interfered with democracy

Ars Technica Live #21, featuring economist Bradford DeLong and Ars editor-at-large Annalee Newitz. Filmed by Chris Schodt, produced by Justin Wolfson. (video link) Last week, we had lots of questions about the fate of democracy in a world where the … Continue reading

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Another Appellate Court Holds that Faulty Work Constitutes an Occurrence – This Time Under New York Law

It is axiomatic that in order to obtain insurance coverage a policyholder must first establish that a claim falls within a policy’s insuring agreement before coverage under the policy is triggered. For construction claims brought under CGL policies, that frequently … Continue reading

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