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The third party custody statute in DC enables an initial filing or intervention by the third party in the ongoing proceeding under the following conditions: THIRD PARTY CUSTODY I. A parent who has provided primary care of the child for … Continue reading

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Call For Papers: Third Annual Legal Studies Conference, Brown University @ArsScripta @BrownUniversity

The Brown Legal Studies Initiative has issued a call for papers on the subject of "Law, Language, and the Archive" for its third annual graduate student conference.The conference takes place April 27-28, 2018, at Brown University. Submission deadline is March … Continue reading

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ALI-CLE Eminent Domain Conference, Third Day: Berger And Burling On Takings

We're on our third day at the 2018 ALI-CLE Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Conference in Charleston, SC, and as usual, we're having our headline presentations by takings guru Michael Berger (pictured above), who is updating us on the most … Continue reading

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Does Georgia Law Require Manufacturers to Warn Third Parties About Dangerous Products?

When it comes to product liability, Georgia courts have long held that a manufacturer can be held responsible for its “failure to warn” customers about potentially harmful defects that it knew about (or should have known about). This duty extends … Continue reading

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Court Rejects Third Party Administrator’s Demurrer to Insurance Bad Faith Claim Based on Plaintiffs’ Theory of Joint Venture Liability

Implied in every insurance contract is a promise of “good faith and fair dealing,” which means that the insurer must not take unreasonable steps to prevent an insured’s right to receive benefits under the policy. To comply with its promise … Continue reading

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