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Thinking Through Your High-Net Worth Divorce

The more money that an individual brings to a marriage, the more financially — and emotionally — complex an eventual divorce can be. Our experienced attorneys can help you avoid the financial and legal pitfalls that often accompany high-net-worth divorce. … Continue reading

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Thinking About Committing a Hit and Run? Think Again!

As tempting as it might seem to escape liability for a collision, it is never in anyone’s best interests to hit someone and run. Hit-and-run is a serious crime in Florida that can come with life-changing repercussions. Leaving the scene … Continue reading

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Books to Read If You’re Thinking about an International Adoption

As you get excited about adoption, it's important to get informed. Unfortunately, most books, podcasts, and other resources focus on domestic adoption. Looking for targeted information on the international process and its aftermath? Add these books to your reading list: … Continue reading

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Thinking About Divorce After Engagement

From TIME: Congratulations on your engagement! Now, let’s talk about divorce. I know, I know. This is a time for celebration and excitement, not pragmatic pessimism. Right now you want to plan the cake (vanilla buttercream, if I get a… … Continue reading

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Thinking About Externships?

Externship application season is quickly approaching, and you may be wondering whether an externship is right for you. Externships might seem scary because they take up your entire semester and/or may be located outside of Charlottesville. This past semester I … Continue reading

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