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The Best and Worst Things about Divorce During the Holidays

One would think that life following divorce means freedom from commitments. You would think life is easier when you’re single again. Well, for some it can also be the opposite. The picture of being alone and no one to be … Continue reading

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Things to consider before applying for a clean break order

The top 5 things to consider before applying  for & signing a clean break order If you are in the process of divorce and are now considering the terms of your financial settlement, there are 5 things to really consider before … Continue reading

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Please don’t repeat these things WikiLeaks says you can’t say about Assange

Enlarge / You absolutely cannot say these 140 things about Julian Assange, according to bastion of the free press WikiLeaks. (credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer, Getty Images) A representative of WikiLeaks has sent a "confidential" memo to news outlets including an … Continue reading

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Things to do TODAY

How many out in blogland love to procrastinate?  Well, maybe you don't love to procrastinate but you do it anyway, right?  Like holiday shopping, or buying the wife an anniversary gift, or waiting until 3:00AM to do your homework, or making … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things To Do Before Your Divorce

There is no substitute for planning, and planning for your divorce can make the process go smother, lower your lawyers fees, and help ensure you emerge on the other end of the case ready to move forward, and with the … Continue reading

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