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How to make your clients appreciate you more than they already do

Last week my wife went to her dentist for a cleaning. The bill arrived with a charge of $84 for the cleaning and $45 for the exam. Then, the bill showed a $45 credit for the exam. In other words, … Continue reading

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Court of Appeals Hears Argument On "Serious Injury" in NY Auto Cases (What Should They Do?)

The tangle of New York's "serious injury" threshold in auto cases came before the state's highest court yesterday, and the pending decision could hopefully abate the flood of summary judgment motion practice that is has inspired. Three cases were on … Continue reading

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St Augustine Foreclosure Lawyer Question: My foreclosure sale date has passed, but we were never sent anything saying they were foreclosing?

In Florida, a lender can only foreclose on real property by conducting a judicial foreclosure. A judicial foreclosure is a foreclosure processed through the court system, which begins when the lender files a complaint and records a Lis Pendens in … Continue reading

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Were Groupon's and Overstock's Management and Auditors Stupid or Did They Condone Improper Accounting Practices?

Back on August 24, 2011, accounting professors J. Edward Ketz and Anthony H. Catanach Jr., reported in their blog that Groupon (planned ticker symbol: GRPN) violated Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in reporting its revenues and recommended that it restate … Continue reading

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The appearance of a conflict or an actual conflict: Do they differ?

The NYT public editor has a column today addressing whether a reporter had an actual conflict or the appearance of one. The issue had been raised in the Columbia Journalism Review. A reporter had a relationship with a speakers bureau … Continue reading

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