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These non-essential costs are probably getting in the way of your financial goals | On Wall Street

Millennials lag behind in terms of credit card debt and retirement savings, but they spend the most on vacation, dining out and other unnecessary expenses, according to a new study.https://onwallstreet.financial-planning.com/news/these-non-essential-costs-are-probably-getting-in-the-way-of-your-financial-goals Read more detail on Recent Banking and Finance Law posts … Continue reading

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The court decided not to remove these executors – for practical reasons

Many beneficiaries who are critical of an executor's administration of an estate (either rightly or wrongly) will sooner or later consider the idea of having the executors removed from their role. I certainly hear this suggestion frequently, and I assume … Continue reading

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Streamline Your Law Firm’s Billing With These 3 Tips

Practicing law isn’t just a job; it’s a profession. The work that lawyers do is important and makes a difference in the lives of their clients and their communities. Even so, it’s still work and like everyone else, lawyers need … Continue reading

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Did you catch these developments for the 2019 proxy statement and Form 10-K?

The 10-K and proxy season begins in a little over a month for companies with calendar fiscal year-ends.  The following governance and disclosure developments should be considered in the course of preparing these filings. For additional background, see our presentation … Continue reading

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These 10 States Grow the Nation’s Organic Food

24/7 Wall St: “…The USDA reported in 2011 that 9,140 farms, comprising 3.65 million acres of U.S. farmland, were managed as certified organic, with about 55% (2.03 million acres) as cropland and the rest for pasture and ranchland. By 2016, … Continue reading

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