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There is no fundamental right to government employment within the meaning of the Equal Protection Clause

Vehicle and Traffic Law §236(2)(d) provides that hearing examiners of a municipality's parking violations bureau "shall not be considered employees of the city in which the administrative tribunal has been established."Plaintiff's in the action challenged this "employment exclusion" set out … Continue reading

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Round 2 — Do the Euro CACs Have to be Used if There is a Need to Restructure a Euro Area Sovereign's Debt?

The intriguing question raised by Mark Weidemaier’s superb new paper posted a few weeks ago (here) was whether, if a Euro area country hits a debt crisis, it would be mandatory for it to use the Euro CACs that are … Continue reading

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Are There Risks with Doing a Divorce Yourself?

Dealing with the emotional, financial, and psychological fallout of divorce is no small thing, and even couples who know this step is coming still generally walk through the same process to transition to life outside of marriage. The biggest hurdle … Continue reading

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New PatentlyO Law Journal Essay: Is There Any Need to Resort to a § 101 Exception for Prior Art Ideas?

New PatentlyO Law Journal Essay by Jeremy C. Doerre.  Mr. Doerre is a patent attorney with the law firm of Tillman Wright, PLLC. In the wake of Alice, many observers have suggested that the implicit judicial exception to 35 U.S.C. … Continue reading

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