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‘Cancer factory’ poisoning communities in Suburban Chicago, and nothing is being done to stop them

WILLOWBROOK, Ill. – Members of communities just outside of Chicago recently learned they may have been poisoned for decades due to emissions of a known carcinogen, ethylene oxide, from a nearby medical sterilization plant. Ethylene oxide, or EtO, is an … Continue reading

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6 awkward situations in new associate networking (and how to get through them)

Q: The networking events that are part of new associate orientation seem awkward. Conversations lag or they will go on forever – or I won’t have anything in common with the other person. It’s tedious and draining. What can I … Continue reading

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U.S. Companies Claim Limiting Legal Immigration is Hurting Them

According to a recent New York Times article, the federal government is denying and delaying more and more work visas in an attempt to restrict the flow of foreign workers who are legally entering the U.S. As a result, hospitals, … Continue reading

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Is Bloomberg Law playing fast and loose with the lawyers writing for them?

I received an email from PLI this week letting me know that the url to a piece I cited for a book being published by PLI and authored by the former CMO of a major law firm no longer exists.  … Continue reading

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Most Common Thanksgiving Day Injuries And How To Prevent Them

While Thanksgiving is usually a day of joy,  many unexpected events can result in injuries during that day. In fact all around the country emergency rooms experience a spike in visits on Thanksgiving day. Here are a the most common … Continue reading

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