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Wisconsin Condominium Units In Foreclosure – Who Pays To Maintain Them?

Should Unit Members Pay To Protect Lenders' Collateral? Wisconsin Condominiums Are Entitled To Financial Assistance In Many Cases. It is a distressing, but not uncommon phenomenon to see condominium units, in Wisconsin and across the nation, abandoned by their owners … Continue reading

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Winter Weather-Related Injuries (and How to Avoid Them)

When you venture outside during inclement winter weather, you can be at risk of serious injury. Snow that remains on pavement can turn to ice, slippery walking areas can cause … The post Winter Weather-Related Injuries (and How to Avoid … Continue reading

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Adults Who Were Sexually Abused As Children Will Soon Be Allowed To Sue Their Sexual Predators (and those who harbored them), No Matter How Long Ago It Happened In New York!

On January 28 of this Year New York’s legislative bodies put the final touches on the “Child Victims Act”.  It’s almost law. All that is needed now is Governor Cuomo’s signature, which is sure to come soon. The new law … Continue reading

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New Out-of-Copyright Works and Where to Find Them

Fortune: “As for getting your hands (or smartphones, e-readers, etc.) on the works themselves, websites are highlighting some of the best cultural goodies. These include Duke University’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain, which has a list of … Continue reading

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The Use of Consumer Perception Surveys in NAD Cases and How to Get Them Right

The use of consumer perception surveys before the National Advertising Division (“NAD”) is an important tool for advertisers who are challenging and defending advertisements.  NAD often expresses a wish to see surveys in their opinions, and surveys are one way … Continue reading

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