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T.I. and Tiny Have Paused Their Divorce Case. Do I Have That Option in Florida?

There can be a lot that can be learned from the family law cases of celebrities. Take the divorce litigation of hip-hop and reality TV stars T.I. and Tiny. The pair’s divorce case has been pending since late 2016. Now, … Continue reading

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Legal Outreach Program: Corporate Counsel Departments Give Back While Helping Their Diversity Efforts

By LegalOutreach.org, Guest Contributor Katherine Nunez stood at the podium as a Columbia Law School 1L addressing lawyers from corporations and law firms.  She described how she was now a law student because of her participation as a New York … Continue reading

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We Stand With The Children Separated From Their Parents and Here is How You Can Too!

I have been watching the news, horrified with the rest of the country, watching as immigrant children are taken from their parents at the US Border. Regardless of your feelings about immigration laws and immigration reform, I think we can … Continue reading

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Fifth Circuit tells pro se foreclosure plaintiffs in 2nd appeal that their claims shall remain in federal court after removal from state court

Mr. and Mrs. Smith go to the Fifth Circuit – once more. U.S. District Court's denial of motion to remand case to state court affirmed.  OWEN M. SMITH; DANA NORWOOD SMITH, Plaintiffs-Appellants,v.BARRETT DAFFIN FRAPPIER TURNER & ENGEL, L.L.P.; STEPHEN C. PORTER; … Continue reading

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Even soldiers who fight wars from a safe distance have found themselves traumatized. Could their injuries be moral ones?

The New York Times – The Wounds of the Drone Warrior – “…It has been almost 16 years since a missile fired from a drone struck a Toyota Land Cruiser in northwest Yemen, killing all six of its passengers and inaugurating … Continue reading

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