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COMPETITION: Peeved by price gouging and shortages, hospitals will now make their own drugs….

COMPETITION: Peeved by price gouging and shortages, hospitals will now make their own drugs. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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Recent Motorcycle Accidents Highlight Dangers Faced by Illinois Motorcyclists and Their Passengers

There are many hazards that, while serious issues for all drivers, are especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Animals in the road are one of these risks for motorcyclists. If an SUV hits a cow, the vehicle may be severely damaged, but … Continue reading

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How Do Men and Women Reflect on Their Divorce Experience, According to This Survey?

A variety of factors can impact response to divorce, but according to one survey, gender may be the most influential. Read on to learn how men and women respond to and reflect on the divorce experience and its aftermath. Read … Continue reading

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Most Physicians Do Not Know their Surrogate Decision Law

Amber Comer and colleagues found some not surprising, but still alarming, data on "Physician Understanding and Application of Surrogate Decision-Making Laws in Clinical Practice" in AJOB Empirical Bioethics. On the one hand, it seems dangerous to have "cowboy" physicians doing … Continue reading

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Is there harm in asking? Questioning employees about their plans to retire

by Michele L. (Warnock) Brott Retirement decisions cannot be divorced from a person’s age. When asking questions about retirement, employers should be cognizant of age discrimination laws and the implications of making such inquiries.  Applicable laws Age discrimination is governed … Continue reading

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