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Can You Survive Identity Theft?

Identity Theft in the Digital and Physical Worlds Common sense is the best defense against identity theft – creating strong passwords for online accounts and monitoring personal credit reports and credit card statements are good, basic steps to take in … Continue reading

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Can I File a Lawsuit for Theft?

Has someone wrongfully stolen or taken property from you or from your business? Then you may be able to find some relief by means of a civil theft lawsuit. Civil lawsuits differ from criminal charges in a few important ways, … Continue reading

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WOW! Cyber theft of $1.1 billion of cryptocurrencies in past 6 months!

Bankinfosecurity.com reported that to “steal cryptocurrency, attackers continue to leverage malware, phishing attacks and fake advertising campaigns.”  The June 12, 2018 article entitled “Cryptocurrency Theft: $1.1 Billion Stolen in Last 6 Months” included the comments from endpoint security firm Carbon … Continue reading

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Brick Business Law Wins Judgment in Business Civil Theft Case

On June 11, Brick Business Law prevailed in the final hearing in a case involving claims of conversion, breach of implied in fact contract and civil theft pursuant to Fla. Stat. 772.11.   Brick represented a national seller of home environmental … Continue reading

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What Happens if I am Charged with Theft?

According to the Texas Penal Code, theft encompasses a wide range of offenses which can include shoplifting clothes from a store, stealing a car, or a variety of other situations. But they all boil down to knowingly taking someone’s property … Continue reading

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