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Theft of Firearms

Theft occurs pursuant to Tex. Pen. Code § 31.03 when persons unlawfully appropriate property belonging to others without their consent and with the intent to deprive the owners of their property. This offense includes what is commonly known as receiving … Continue reading

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US Unseals 2 Indictments against Huawei Corporate Entities – One for Money Laundering, Obstruction of Justice and Sanctions Violations and Another for Theft of Trade Secrets, Wire Fraud et al

On January 28, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed  two indictments against Huawei corporate entities and the Huawei Chief Financial Officer Wanzhou Meng. In the U.S. Court Eastern District of New York, a 13-count indictment was unsealed, charging four … Continue reading

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Report: DOJ pursuing criminal charges against Huawei for theft of tech

Enlarge / A Seattle jury found Huawei liable in a civil lawsuit brought by T-Mobile for theft of robotic tech. Now the DOJ is ready to file criminal charges. (credit: Getty Images) In the wake of a civil lawsuit by … Continue reading

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Police Investigating Theft of Assets from Aretha Franklin's Estate

It appears that the drama of the late soul diva is continuing, with police in Chicago stating that there is an active theft investigation involving Aretha Franklin's mansion, and that it began before her death in August. It is also… … Continue reading

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A Family Theft – Part 2

                In last week’s post I told you about Joe’s problem.  He needed to apply for Medicaid for his sister, Sophie.  His sister, Mary, however, had told him that she took some of Sophie’s money and spent it herself.  He … Continue reading

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