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Zillow Claims Trade Secrets Protection Over Machine Learning Algorithms; Sues Compass for Theft

Many companies are currently racing to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and augment various aspects of their businesses. Those who have succeeded and have gained the first-mover advantage are facing the challenge of keeping key employees who … Continue reading

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Burglary and Theft in South Carolina

Burglary is a crime that involves breaking and entering into a structure to commit a crime. It’s required that you had an intent to commit a crime, but there is no requirement that you actually carried the crime. Theft, on … Continue reading

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Identity Theft Continues to Rank High on IRS “Dirty Dozen” Despite Recent Gains

Despite a steep drop in tax-related identity theft in recent years, the Internal Revenue Service warns taxpayers that the scam remains serious enough to earn a spot on the 2019 “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams. “Taxpayers should continue to … Continue reading

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Modifying 3-strikes theft enhancement would ↓ TX state-jail population

On Monday, the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee will hear a good little decarceration bill modifying the enhancement for misdemeanor three-strikes theft. This one should have been changed long ago.Under current Texas law, if at any time in your life … Continue reading

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Identity theft: 7 ways to protect yourself from cybercriminals

USAToday: “Cybercriminals will steal an estimated 33 billion records by 2023, according to Juniper Research, a firm that forecasts digital tech trends. Half of all data breaches globally will occur in the U.S. alone, Juniper says…Here are seven ways to … Continue reading

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