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Sexual Harassment Scandals in Theater Community Prompt Organizational Changes

The theater offers actors, directors, producers, and others countless opportunities for artistic expression. Unfortunately, what might seem like bold artistic expression to a few people often looks like harassment to others. Even more unfortunately, the theater is prone to the … Continue reading

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Ajamie Sponsors Houston Grand Opera’s Return to the Wortham Theater Center

Thirty years ago, Houston Grand Opera celebrated the opening of the Wortham Theater Center with Verdi’s masterpiece Aida, starring Plácido Domingo as Radames. On September 26, Domingo returns to HGO once again. This time, he joins Patrick Summers and the HGO Orchestra, along … Continue reading

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ANALYSIS: TRUE. Sea-Tac Airplane Hijacking Shows We Have Security Theater Not Security….

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Sea-Tac Airplane Hijacking Shows We Have Security Theater Not Security. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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The net neutrality CRA may be the most tedious piece of political theater ever

At this point, only the most masochistic and cynical among DC’s policy elite actually desire for the net neutrality conflict to continue. And yet, despite claims that net neutrality principles are critical to protecting consumers, passage of the current Congressional … Continue reading

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How Jeffrey Immelt’s ‘Success Theater’ Masked the Rot at GE – WSJ

Jeffrey Immelt, the longtime boss at General Electric Co., was a polished presenter who held court each year at a waterfront resort off Sarasota, Fla., where industrial executives and Wall Street listened for his outlook on the conglomerate. via www.wsj.com … Continue reading

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