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Texas Supreme Court Clarifies When Employers are Responsible for Employees’ Negligence

When are employers liable for negligence of their employees? For example, when an employee is driving a company vehicle and gets in a car accident, when can his/her employer be held liable for the injuries caused by the employee? The … Continue reading

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 Fighting for Child Support in Texas Family Law Courts  

  Issues in Child support in Texas Family Law Courts are often raised when a married couple starts seeking a divorce. If you happen to be the person who will have to pay child support, you are probably thinking that … Continue reading

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Title VII In Transition? Texas Federal Court Rules That Anti-Discrimination Statute Protects Transgender Individuals

In a landmark ruling, a federal court judge in Texas issued an opinion holding—unequivocally—that Title VII protects transgender individuals from discrimination based on their gender identity. Wittmer v. Phillips 66 Company, No., 4:2017-cv-02188 (S.D.Tex, April 4, 2018). The ruling is … Continue reading

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Hurricane Recovery in Texas

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the U.S. on August 25, 2017. That probably seems like ancient history to many Americans who live outside the area. The storm has certainly dropped out of the national media. It’s not easy to find … Continue reading

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Argument preview: Texas redistricting battles return to the court

Since October, the Supreme Court has heard oral argument in two major redistricting battles, involving allegations of partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin and Maryland. When the justices take the bench next Tuesday, they will hear oral argument in a third redistricting … Continue reading

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