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NC Business Court On Changing A Witness’ Deposition Testimony

It is one of the most frustrating things you can have happen after concluding a successful deposition.  The witness backtracks on all the substantive admissions she has made during her testimony. Can she really do that?  Well, yes.  Rule 30(e) … Continue reading

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The Importance of Your Treating Physician’s Testimony in Your Disability Case in Pennsylvania

Going through the process of seeking Social Security disability benefits can seem hopelessly overwhelming. With so many forms and supporting documents and other requirements, it may seem like an impossible hill to climb. The reality is, though, that your case … Continue reading

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Vincent Brothers Wants New Lawyers; Testimony Continues (KERO 23 Bakersfield)

Brothers asked for new lawyers Friday morning before the prosecution continued with its rebuttal case in his murder trial. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Family Law

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Testimony: Tax Burdens and Tax Triggers in Arkansas

With only a month until their final recommendations are due, the Arkansas Tax Reform and Relief legislative task force is working furiously to develop tax reform options for the Natural State. Today, the task force asked me to present again … Continue reading

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Testimony: Washington’s Business Tax Structure

Written Testimony for the Washington House Tax Structure Working Group In an era when broad bipartisan agreement often feels like a pipe dream, it’s particularly notable that there is a near-universal embrace–at least in theory–that a well-structured tax code should … Continue reading

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