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Glossary: Understanding the Key Terms in Your Indiana Divorce

Getting divorced is complicated. There is simply no other way to put it. From understanding the nuances of Indiana’s divorce laws to making sure you make smart decisions that serve your long-term needs, just about every aspect of your divorce … Continue reading

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A Successful Strike Vote is All That Stands in the Way of Employer Imposing Contract Terms

September 16 2018 At York University, where I work, not a single full-time faculty member wants there to be a work stoppage.  I presume neither does the employer.   Lord knows the University has had enough negative labour relations in … Continue reading

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Contract Interpretation of Vague Terms of a Stipulation of Settlement in a New York Divorce

It is no secret that going through a New York divorce can be a difficult and trying time. However, it does not necessarily have to be. In some cases, in which a couple agrees that it is time to go … Continue reading

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Definitions of Franchise Terms

What are the definitions of franchise terms that you should know before investing in a franchise?  Here are the definitions of the franchise terms that we believe are essential to know before you move forward in the franchise world. DEFINITIONS … Continue reading

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SSRN Antitrust Recent Papers in Terms of Top Downloaded Papers (60 days) as of: 09 June 2018 – 08 August 2018

Rank Paper Downloads 1. Is Blockchain the Death of Antitrust Law? The Blockchain Antitrust Paradox Thibault Schrepel Utrecht University School of Law Date Posted: 25 Jun 2018 Last Revised: 25 Jun 2018 1,315 2. Antitrust and Costless Verification: An Optimistic… … Continue reading

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