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Herbert Voss, Jr.-Former StockCross Broker-Discloses Numerous Customer Suits & Termination From Employment-Beverly Hills, CA

Rex Securities Law- Stockbroker Malpractice Attorney. Nationwide representation. June 2018- Beverly Hills, CA The FINRA records of Herbert Voss, Jr.  , a former stock broker who was last employed by StockCross Financial Services , disclose a regulatory event,  a pending customer dispute, 7 prior customer … Continue reading

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Commencement Of Life Insurance Coverage And Termination Of Coverage

Pinning down the exact date coverage begins can sometimes be a tricky proposition.  If an insured dies before a policy becomes effective, there is no coverage.  This was discussed in the 1950, Texas Supreme Court opinion, Republic National Life Insurance … Continue reading

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Arbitrator: City didn't prove rape, but "extremely poor judgement" found. Termination converted to a 40 hour suspension

In his award in Portland Police Association and City of Portland, Arbitrator David Stiteler reversed the termination of a Portland police officer, converting the discipline to a forty hour suspension. Grievant had been dismissed for having sexual intercourse with an acquaintance (A) … Continue reading

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Buyer beware: sell-side termination fees are on the rise

M&A transactions typically involve costly and time-intensive processes, and for this reason parties often seek to limit completion risk by negotiating a termination fee. Indeed, the recent 2018 SRS Acquiom Deal Terms Study reveals that the use of termination fees … Continue reading

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Is there a "bright line" requiring the termination of a police officer found to have been untruthful in a police report?

That is the question the  Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is considering in a case addressing an effort to vacate an arbitration award reinstating an  officer found by the arbitrator to have been "intentionally misleading … but less than intentionally false" in … Continue reading

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