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Teens Need to Learn the Tricks (Of Food Safety,That Is)

Teenagers are a unique breed of individuals with the capacity to almost simultaneously be charming, lazy, loving, innovative, confusing, dynamic, frustrating, and hopelessly naïve. This same naiveté extends to the area of how important it is to treat food right. … Continue reading

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Parenting teens: embracing, understanding, changing

The Guardian gathers a few experts to show parents how to help our teenagers. Included in the tips list are these two: 4 Keep lines of communication open “There’s no doubt that the way you communicate will change,” [Ammanda] Major… … Continue reading

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DOL reportedly mulling easing rules on teens in hazardous jobs

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is reportedly planning to change rules on youth employment so that more teens would be allowed to train to work in jobs deemed hazardous. But an attorney focusing on employment law issues warns that … Continue reading

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Majority of US teens fear a shooting could happen at their school – most parents share their concern

“In the aftermath of the deadly shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, a majority of American teens say they are very or somewhat worried about the possibility of a shooting happening at their school – and most parents … Continue reading

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U.S. Government Ordered To Allow Abortion Access To Detained Immigrant Teens

From The Washington Post: A federal judge issued a nationwide order temporarily preventing the government from blocking access to abortion services and counseling for teens detained in immigration custody, saying current administration policy and practices probably are unconstitutional. The order… … Continue reading

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