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false advertising claim needs to talk about asterisks to plead with particularity

Anthony v. Pharmavite, 2019 WL 109446, No. 18-cv-02636-EMC (N.D. Cal. Jan. 4, 2019)Despite generally favorable substantive rulings for plaintiffs, the court dismisses the complaint for false advertising of a nutrition supplement for failure to plead with particularity under Rule 9(b), … Continue reading

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Facebook Bans Sex Talk: FOSTA at Fault?

In a very interesting move that received little attention during the holiday season, Facebook has banned talking about sex on its platform. This includes “dirty talk” and “sexual slang”. Its one thing to ban nude and pornographic images; however, Facebook … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Lunch: Understanding California’s Meal Period Laws

Here are some fun facts about lunch. The origin of the word lunch (luncheon) comes from the anglo-saxon word, “nuncheon,” meaning “noon drink.” In Spanish, the word for lunch is almuerzo. In German, lunch is mittagessen. Hobbits call it Elevenses. … Continue reading

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Talking the Trademark Talk

When we are not walking the trademark walk (or posting the trademark posts) we are talking the trademark talk.  Dear readers, I would like to invite you to join me and my esteemed colleague Patrick Gallagher, member of the Cozen … Continue reading

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We have to talk about the bar exam

Thank you very much to the team at Best Practices for Legal Education for inviting me to blog this week.  My particular thanks to Elizabeth Murad for administering the blog, Professor Mary Lynch, Kate Stoneman Chair in Law and Democracy & … Continue reading

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