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21 Million Taxpayers Will Stop Taking Charitable Deductions Under the New Tax Law

According to new Tax Policy Center estimates, the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will reduce the number of households claiming an itemized deduction relating to gifts given to non-profits from 37million to around 16 million for 2018. The… … Continue reading

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After an Auto Accident: Why Taking Pictures is Important

Auto accidents can be unpredictable and frightening events, especially when victims suffer preventable injuries. While it can be difficult to remain calm, prioritizing your health, safety, and the well-being of any other victims involved should always be your top priority. … Continue reading

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Taking a look at ‘time blocking’

Not long ago, I mentioned my horror at the idea of using your calendar to schedule your entire day (in 15-minute increments). Apparently, some folks do that. More power to them. It’s not for me. On the other hand (when … Continue reading

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SEC Taking Action Against Companies Hyping Blockchain-Related Trading

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) is continuing to increase its scrutiny of companies that might be taking advantage of investor excitement for blockchain and cryptocurrency (ICO) deals to inflate their share prices and raise funds.  On January 8, … Continue reading

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Taking Of Power Line Easement Is For Public Use Because Public Has Right To Use The Electricity

The South Dakota Supreme Court's opinion in Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. v. Parkshill Farms, LLC, No. 28174 (Dec. 13, 2017), resolved both a public use question, and one of compensation. In other words, something for every takings maven, no matter your … Continue reading

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