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Spouses Need to Think Carefully About When to Take Social Security Benefits

When a person decides to take Social Security is important as it determines the amount of benefit to be received. Social Security benefits are maximized if the person waits until they are 70. A spouse is usually entitled to an… … Continue reading

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Take Care in School Zones During Child Safety Awareness Month and Year-round

The Rivas Law Group would like to join the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) in recognizing August as Child Safety Awareness Month and reminding motorists to focus on safety while driving through Florida school zones. Each … Continue reading

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Trademark Licensees Take Note: The Supreme Court Might Review The Tempnology Decision — And Whether A Licensee Can Keep Trademark Rights After Rejection

The twists and turns of the In re Tempnology LLC bankruptcy case have been a frequent subject on this blog for good reason. The case addresses whether a trademark licensee, whose licensor files bankruptcy and rejects the license agreement, retains any rights … Continue reading

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EU to Take Hungary to Court over Prime Minister Orban’s Treatment of Immigrants

The European Union is seeking legal action against the government of Hungary for its treatment of asylum seekers, after threatening to do so for nearly three years. On Thursday, July 19, the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch, announced in … Continue reading

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YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, FB take new steps to combat fake news

Poynter: “YouTube will be surfacing authoritative sources in search results during breaking news in order to push out the regular dribble of conspiracy theories, but defining “authoritative” might be tricky. WhatsApp is now labeling forwarded messages and working with fact-checkers and researchers, but will it be … Continue reading

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