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Nursing Home Neglect Reporting System Reveals Problematic Care

Our Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys understand that a key factor in improving the care provided to nursing home residents is accountability. It is one thing to try to improve caregiving by continually discussing the harm certain actions have on … Continue reading

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Alternative Trading System Settles Charges It Failed to Disclose Trading by Affiliate

The SEC settled charges that Pipeline Trading Systems LLC and two of its top executives failed to disclose to customers of Pipeline's "dark pool" trading platform that the vast majority of orders were filled by a trading operation affiliated with… … Continue reading

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Operational issues once a matter management system has been installed

Selection of a matter management system seems daunting; configuring or customizing the one you chose, installing it, converting historical data to it, and then training staff on its functions and the changes it requires in processes seems even more intimidating…. … Continue reading

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Appealing retirement system member service determinations

Appealing retirement system member service determinations Marsh v NY State and Local Employees' Retirement System, App. Div., 291 AD2d 713 The Marsh decision addresses the procedure to follow when challenging a New York State and Local Employees' Retirement System's [ERS] … Continue reading

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9th Cir.: Apple Not Misuse Copyright by Restricting Use of MAC OS X Operating System Software to Apple computers

The 9th Circuit today held that Apple may continue to prohibit buyers (i.e., licensees) of its MAC OS X operating system software from using the system on non-Apple computers. The ruling in Apple Inc. v. Psystar Corp., No. 10-15113 (9th … Continue reading

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