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Health Professionals Have Licenses Suspended Over Student Loan Debt

Student loan servicers and student loan companies have more power than your average creditor. They are given rights and shortcuts that normal creditors do not have. This is why students have such difficulty with these loans–aside from the often astronomical … Continue reading

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NorthStar Healthcare REIT Investors Suffer Losses as Income Distributions Are Suspended

If you are an investor in NorthStar Healthcare Income, you very likely received a letter last month notifying you that monthly distributions from this investment have been suspended. According to NorthStar’s board, the publicly registered nontraded real estate investment trust’s … Continue reading

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Twitter Defeats Yet Another Lawsuit from a Suspended User–Cox v. Twitter

Cox alleged tweeted: “Islam is a Philosophy of Conquests wrapped in Religious Fantasy & uses Racism, Misogyny, Pedophilia, Mutilation, Torture, Authoritarianism, Homicide, Rape . . . Peaceful Muslims are Marginal Muslims who are Heretics & Hypocrites to Islam. Islam is … Continue reading

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Suspended For Now

The Law Society of Upper Canada Tribunal Hearing Division imposed an interlocutory suspension of a paralegal facing criminal charges Mr. Hildyard attended today and requested an adjournment on the basis that he’s just received disclosure from the Crown with respect… … Continue reading

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Can your Driver’s License be Suspended for Not Paying Child Support in Illinois?

Can your Driver's license be suspended for nott paying child support? How do you reinstate your driver's license? What is a restricted driving permit? Read more detail on Recent Estate Planning posts –

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