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Survival Guide for Newly Divorced Single Parents

All parties involved in a divorce will have to make major adjustments. While the children will most likely be considered as the victims, the most challenging role belongs to the newly single parent who gains primary custody. Gaining custody is … Continue reading

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New Study Finds that High Tax Rates Lower the Chance of Business Survival

A new working paper from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by economists Serhan Cevik and Fedor Miryugin shows that taxes have an economically important effect on whether firms survive in the marketplace. Amid concern by policymakers and scholars over the … Continue reading

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Trading privacy for survival is another tax on the poor

FastCompany – Americans at the lower end of the economic ladder suffer from an ever-growing privacy divide, impacting more than just their personal dignity and autonomy. “This story is part of The Privacy Divide, a series that explores the fault … Continue reading

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The Covenant of Good Faith and Franchising in 2019: Survival, Opportunism, and Distortion

The Covenant of Good Faith and Franchising in 2019: Survival, Opportunism, and Distortion By: Jeffrey M. Goldstein The seemingly-omnipresent, but erroneous, belief that franchisors are legally prohibited at all times and in every instance from acting unreasonably or in bad … Continue reading

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Sanctions on Iran – Fight for the survival of the JCPOA

As readers will be aware, following President Trump’s announcement on 8 May 2018, the USA has indicated its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal – the JCPOA – and that it will be reimposing secondary sanctions on Iran, being those … Continue reading

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