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Manes on Secrecy and Evasion in Police Surveillance Technology

Jonathan Manes (University at Buffalo School of Law, State University of New York) has posted Secrecy & Evasion in Police Surveillance Technology (Berkeley Technology Law Journal, Forthcoming) on SSRN. Here is the abstract: New technologies are transforming the capabilities of… … Continue reading

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Trust Us, We’re Secretly Working for a Foreign Government: How Australia’s Proposed Surveillance Laws Will Break The Trust Tech Depends On

In the last few years, we’ve discovered just how much trust — whether we like it or not — we have all been obliged to place in modern technology. Third-party software, of unknown composition and security, runs on everything around … Continue reading

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How #BigData, #Algorithms, & #Surveillance Rejects College Applicants

This article by Jane Robbins first appeared on Truth in American Education and is being republished with her permission. In the age of technology-powered algorithms, most universities are making admissions decisions based on factors that would horrify applicants and parents if they … Continue reading

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Video Surveillance as Workers’ Compensation Evidence

Video footage is an incredibly powerful form of evidence. You want to have it on your side. Anyone who has ever been injured at work hopes their workers’ compensation claim goes smoothly. Unfortunately, things don’t always go so well. Your … Continue reading

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EFF Tells Bay Area Regional Transit: Reject Proposed Face Surveillance Scheme

Around the country, communities concerned about privacy and surveillance are seeking to secure a robust role for public community oversight to constrain the co-optation of local police departments by electronic surveillance. EFF supported recent victories for community control in Oakland … Continue reading

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