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Website Accessibility: Make Sure Your Website and Job Application Portal is Accessible

If you had asked me a few years ago about ADA accessibility lawsuits, I would have talked about the importance of ensuring your business’s seating, aisles, and restrooms complied with the ADA accessibility guidelines.  Although plaintiffs continue to file lawsuits … Continue reading

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Courts Aren’t So Sure Virginia Has an Anti-SLAPP Statute

When California congressman Devin Nunes, a public figure, decided to file a pair of defamation lawsuits against Twitter (based in California), The McClatchy Company (based in California), and others, why do you suppose he selected Virginia as his forum of … Continue reading

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A Quick Check to Make Sure Your Broker is "Legit"

Investor Resources Are Out ThereOne of the hardest lessons many investors who have been taken in by a fraudulent financial professional or broker is that they might have known better. In the process of an investigation, they see that there … Continue reading

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San Jose Doctor Pleads Guilty To Federal Charge of Unlawfully Distributing Hydrocodone and Committing Health Care Fraud. Make Sure Your Practice Follows California Pain Medication Guidelines.

Record keeping and following the California pain management protocols are key for physicians who prescribe scheduled medications for pain management. California revised its protocols called “Guidelines for Prescribing Controlled Substances for Pain” in November 2014 and expects all physicians to … Continue reading

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Sure outcomes rarely exist in criminal defense – Virginia Supreme Court

Sure outcomes are rare in criminal defense, says Fairfax criminal lawyer. Sure outcomes should never be relied upon in criminal defense. We need look no further than the many split decisions of the United States Supreme Court to know that, … Continue reading

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