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“How state Supreme Court blew it when taking ‘Three Californias’ off ballot”

The San Diego Union-Tribune is fine with the Supreme Court’s order taking the split-California initiative off this November’s ballot, but it criticizes the court’s failure to offer a detailed explanation for its ruling.  By issuing just a “terse announcement,” the … Continue reading

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Supreme Court of Canada decision: Police Disclosure in Solicitor-Client Communication

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Georgia’s Supreme Court Holds Wrongful Death Lawsuit Limited by Previous Personal Injury Settlement

In a recent case, the Supreme Court of Georgia decided that a wrongful death lawsuit can be limited by a previous personal injury settlement. The case is an important decision for Georgia personal injury and wrongful death plaintiffs. The Facts … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court Allows Lost Profits on Foreign Sales as Damages for Infringement of a U.S. Patent

A United States patent gives the owner certain patent rights, including the right to sue for damages for infringement.  It has been generally understood that U.S. patent rights end at the border; to obtain similar rights in a foreign country, … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Nominee May Spell Trouble for Disability Rights

On Monday, July 9th, President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy (1). Because Justice Kennedy was often a swing vote in cases involving civil rights, many have noted that his replacement could … Continue reading

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