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Delaware Supreme Court reverses Dell appraisal decision

Big news. From Richards, Layton & Finger: The Supreme Court identified and rejected three premises on which the trial court had relied in deciding to assign no weight to the transaction price:… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit … Continue reading

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Katz, Bommarito, & Blackman on Crowdsourcing Predictions of Supreme Court Decisions

Daniel Martin Katz (Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College of Law; Stanford CodeX – The Center for Legal Informatics), Michael James Bommarito II (LexPredict, LLC; Bommarito Consulting, LLC; Chicago-Kent College of Law – Illinois Institute of Technology; Michigan State College of … Continue reading

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Indian Supreme Court Rules that Indian Family Life is Better

                                                                                … Continue reading

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U.S. Supreme Court Grants Cert in Yet Another Case Securities Law Case

I have had this perception for several years now that the U.S. Supreme Court recently has been particularly keen to take up securities cases. It turns out that this perception has a basis in objective fact. A recent paper by … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Weighs Privacy of Cellphone Location Data

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments November 29 in a major case involving the privacy of cellphone location data. During argument, several justices pushed back on the government’s position that prosecutors or police should be able to obtain cellphone … Continue reading

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