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Two Supreme Court Experts Warn About Impact of Partisan Nomination Fights

Two experts on the United States Supreme Court expressed concerns Thursday during an “On the Issues with Mike Gousha” program at Marquette Law School that the level of partisanship in confirmation processes for justices is causing damage to the court … Continue reading

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Ringhand & Collins on the "Ginsburg Rule" & Supreme Court Nominee Testimony

Lori A. Ringhand (University of Georgia School of Law) & Paul M. Collins (University of Massachusetts Amherst – Department of Political Science) have posted Neil Gorsuch and the Ginsburg Rules (Chicago-Kent Law Review, Vol. 93, 2018) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Supreme … Continue reading

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Florida Supreme Court brings clarity to Attorney-Fiduciary privilege (different from the attorney-client privilege)

FLORIDA SUPREME COURT ADOPTS “ATTORNEY-FIDUCIARY PRIVILEGE” RULE The attorney-client privilege is one of the oldest legal concepts and the backbone of providing effective legal services.  It keeps the communication between an attorney and her client secret and protects it from … Continue reading

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Blog Post: Supreme Court Cases Enviro Lawyers Should Watch This Fall

…read more Read more detail on Recent Environmental Law posts –

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CA Supreme Court Revises Opinion on De Minimis Rule

In July, the California Supreme Court announced that various provisions of the Labor Code and the IWC Wage Orders did not incorporate the de minimis doctrine. According to that doctrine, some alleged wrongs are so trivial or hard to measure that … Continue reading

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