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False claims of "original" status don't support public interest in disseminating art for anti-SLAPP purposes

Coker v. Sassone, — P.3d —-, 2019 WL 117467, 135 Nev. Adv. Op. 2, No. 73863 (Jan. 3, 2019)In the course of interpreting the Nevada anti-SLAPP law, the Nevada Supreme Court says some things about the relationship between counterfeits that … Continue reading

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In Support of Arbitration

Pamela Bookman, The Arbitration-Litigation Paradox, __ Vand. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming), available at SRRN. Verity Winship Arbitration and litigation are often treated as opposites. Arbitration in its idealized version is sleek, fast, and endlessly adaptable. Litigation is its foil: clunky, inexpert, and … Continue reading

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How Do Rhode Island Courts Calculate Child Support Payments?

When a couple with children divorces, one spouse will retain custody of the children and the other spouse will likely be required to make Rhode Island child support payments. In Rhode Island, the right to child support payments belongs to … Continue reading

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Confused About Child Support Calculations? What You Should Know

Raising children costs money. Most assuredly, you’re either nodding your head in agreement – and thinking that first assertion sounds like a gross understatement. In the meantime, you could be confused. How exactly are child support calculations computed in New … Continue reading

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Letter to Support Public Access to Tax-Payer Funded Research

Public Interest Organizations Thank US Senators Lieberman and Cornyn for Sponsoring Bill to Improve Public Access to Research Funded By Tax-Payers. IP Justice, Knowledge Ecology International, Electronic Frontier Foundation, OXFAM, Essential Action, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, are part of … Continue reading

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