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Family Visitation Supervised

How do I get supervised visitation in Arkansas? A frequent request from clients during divorce or child custody cases is “How do I get supervised visitation?”  What they are really asking is “How do I get the judge to make … Continue reading

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How to Go About Resuming Unrestricted Timesharing with Your Child Following a Florida Court Order of Supervised Visitation

Most parents just want the best for their children. Part of that includes ensuring that they can have a healthy and meaningful relationship with the child. If you are denied visitation or have all of your visits supervised, that may … Continue reading

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Case o' The Week: Faster than a speeding jet – Shimabukuro and Custodial Terms for Supervised Release

  Defense counsel flew for six hours, from SFO to Honolulu, after oral argument in San Francisco  The Ninth was considerably faster: it took only four hours to deliver the per curiam victory.   United States v. Shimabukuro, 2018 WL … Continue reading

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Options For Supervised Parenting Time

By:  Sarah T. McCain When emergencies, such as when the emotional and/or physical safety of the children is at risk, people generally turn to the court, asking for immediate protections, the primary one of which is supervised parenting time. There … Continue reading

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Scripps Health to Pay $1.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act for Services Rendered by Physical Therapists Who Did Not Have Billing Privileges or Were Not Supervised by Authorized Provider

One issue I see happen with medical groups or providers is when physicians or other health care providers are not properly added to the group before they provide services to patients. Often this occurs when the administrators do not ensure … Continue reading

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