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T 1627/09 – self-recuse of Board of appeal after successful petition for review

Two board members recuse themselvesAfter the successful petition for review in R 2/14 of 22 April 2016, the case was remitted to the Board of Appeal that had originally decided not to set aside the opposition division's decision to revoke … Continue reading

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Six Secrets of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

Brand awareness essentially focuses on attracting new clients and retaining existing customers and digital marketing is a great way to do so. The post Six Secrets of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018 appeared first on Legal Reader. Read … Continue reading

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Successful GAO Price Realism Protest Requires the Right Solicitation

Small businesses are frustrated when underbid by competitors for federal task orders.  These businesses may challenge awards based on price realism.  They may even have evidence the contract cannot be performed at the offered price.  While the evidence may be … Continue reading

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A Successful Strike Vote is All That Stands in the Way of Employer Imposing Contract Terms

September 16 2018 At York University, where I work, not a single full-time faculty member wants there to be a work stoppage.  I presume neither does the employer.   Lord knows the University has had enough negative labour relations in … Continue reading

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Signs of a Successful Marriage

Even the healthiest and most stable marriages have times of doubt. Feelings of stress and uncertainty arising out of an argument, for example, can lead to one party or both parties questioning if the marriage is one that will last. … Continue reading

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