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SH Partner Successful in Representing LabCorp in Major Lawsuit

Congratulations to Scarinci Hollenbeck Litigation Attorney & Partner Joel N. Kreizman for his Success in Representing LabCorp in Lawsuit   Red Bank, New Jersey, May 18, 2018 – Scarinci Hollenbeck recently secured victory for its client, LabCorp, in a lawsuit … Continue reading

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New research – successful entrepreneurship is not the sole domain of the young

Age and High-Growth Entrepreneurship. Pierre Azoulay, MIT and NBER; Benjamin F. Jones, Northwestern University and NBER; J. Daniel Kim, MIT; Javier Miranda, U.S. Census Bureau. March 23, 2018 “Abstract – Many observers, and many investors, believe that young people are … Continue reading

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Recover and Be Successful After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy does not have to be a dead end. Instead, it can be the beginning of something so much better. Unfortunately, most people do not see bankruptcy this way and instead equate bankruptcy with utter failure. Bankruptcy allows you relief … Continue reading

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The Promises for Successful Co-Parenting You Can Make to Your Child

Co-parenting following a divorce is never easy. There are several promises that I recommend parents make to themselves and to their child to help create a more successful co-parenting environment before pursuing further litigation to attempt to solve the problems … Continue reading

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4 Helpful Tips to Becoming Successful Co-Parents

Post-divorce or post-separation communications with your former spouse or the other parent may be awkward at first. During your divorce, you may have relied upon your attorney to handle most of the communication between you and the other parent. The … Continue reading

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