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Criminology Research Questions Explored

In order to ensure success at receiving a degree in Criminology on the version of reputable college or maybe graduate program, it will be necessary with a single point and also other that students write research papers inside the perspectives … Continue reading

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Debt Relief Grants For Native Americans

All You Have To Learn About College Grants A person finishes large school and join university – only to discover it had been much easier residence along with your parents. Residence costs speedily possess a price in your wallet together … Continue reading

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SCOTUS for law students: Health-care litigation

As law students around the country settle in for the new semester, there is no hotter legal question than the fate of the health care law – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the Affordable Care … Continue reading

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Law students unite in Chasing Ambulance

Hello LegalEase fans and sporadic viewers – thought you might enjoy this poorly filmed youtube video which features a few law students embracing their inner-lawyer. Meaning: Ambulance chaser. "The Wayne State University Law School Student Board of Governors (SBG) will … Continue reading

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What's Too Much Information for Students? Guest Post by Lisa McElroy

Last week, reading Mike and Neil's posts about their memories of 9/11, I thought a lot about whether I should blog about my own. At first, I decided not to, because the official story, the one my students know about … Continue reading

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