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Balls, Strikes and Legal Standards

In all the commentary about the Mitchell Report, one point bears repeating: As a report from one private party to another, it need not rely on the “reasonable doubt” standard used in criminal cases or even the “preponderance of the … Continue reading

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South Korea Court Strikes Down Abortion Ban

From NPR: A euphoric smile spread across the face of an activist, who goes by the name Jisoo, as she announced in a trembling voice, "It's ruled unconstitutional!" South Korea's Constitutional Court on Thursday struck down the country's laws prohibiting… … Continue reading

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Boycotts, Strikes and the Freedom of Establishment: Case C-438/05

The Court of Justice has handed down its eagerly awaited judgment in Case C-438/05 International Transport Workers Federation & The Finnish Seamens Union v. Viking Line. The Court held that the threat of strike action by a trade union to… … Continue reading

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Paris Tribunal strikes again and guts Google’s T&C’s…including its copyright clauses for user-generated content

Readers will recall the decision of the Paris Tribunal, which nullified a significant portion of Twitter’s terms and conditions on the basis of French privacy data protection and copyright law (see here and for previous post see here). Last month, … Continue reading

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CDS Strikes Again (Aurelius and Windstream)

Long ago I warned that the growth the of the CDS (credit default swap) market represented a threat to traditional understandings of how workouts and restructurings are supposed to happen. The recent Windstream decision from the SDNY shows that these … Continue reading

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