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January Stock Market Bounce Leads To Dangerous “Risk Off” Sales Pitch To Investors

As the stock market stabilizes from the devastating fourth quarter of 2018, investors must be wary of brokers pitching “risk off” trades. First, let’s define “risk-on risk-off.” It refers to changes in investment activity in response to global economic patterns, … Continue reading

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Sen. Sanders plans to introduce stock buyback bill

By Mark S. Nelson, J.D.A stock buyback bill expected to be introduced by Sen. Sanders could track legislation he introduced in the last Congress that would have mandated gains for workers before companies can engage in stock buybacks.Senator Bernie Sanders … Continue reading

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Stock Trader, 45, Tried to Frame Daughter, 9, for Wife's Murder

Rod Covlin was 36 years old when he allegedly murdered his estranged wife on New Year's Eve of 2009. Shele Danishefsky Covlin, who was 47 at the time of her death, was in the middle of divorcing Rod and had… … Continue reading

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Division of Assets in Divorce: NJ Case MG v SM and Distribution of Post-Complaint Stock

In a divorce, awards of stock are frequently the largest assets in the marital estate. It is no surprise then that how these accounts are divided can be controversial and highly contested. This kind of division of assets in divorce … Continue reading

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What's the Impact of a Data Breach on a Company's Stock Price?

It's not as big or as consistent as you might think, but it's not negligible either.  Paul Bischoff and Matthew Dolan have done some research and posted the results here.  Interestingly, companies that suffer breaches tend to be underperforming companies … Continue reading

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