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Digital Hearing Workspace pilot project: One step closer to court modernization

In her latest article, written for The Lawyer’s Daily, litigation associate Tara Vasdani, discusses the new Digital Hearing Workspace pilot project launched by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The project is intended to help advance the modernization of electronic … Continue reading

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NLRB Takes First Step to Restore More Limited Definition of “Protected Concerted Activity”

A 3-1 majority of the National Labor Relations Board announced last week its intent to level set what constitutes “protected concerted activity” given that the Board has over the years “blurred the distinction between protected group action and unprotected individual … Continue reading

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Case 'o The Week: Congress takes the First Step, Ninth takes the Second — Valencia-Mendoza and use of state priors as federal sentencing enhancements

The federal government of the United States just entered its longest shutdown in history.Federal courts will run out of money next week.Public defenders will soon join their CJA comrades and will be expected to mount vigorous, constitutionally-mandated defenses for our … Continue reading

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Sticking to a budget: One small step for a law student

Want to get your student loans paid off faster?  Would you like to retire a bit earlier? What if I told you there was an easy step you could take right now that would help you accomplish those goals? These … Continue reading

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Another Step on the Road Toward Fiscal Union?

The European Commission has embarked upon a new initiative to make it easier for EU member states to adopt tax proposals. Currently, new tax directives initiated by the European Commission are subject to unanimous approval, allowing any one country to … Continue reading

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