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Injury Facts and Statistics

Injury Facts and Statistics Why Choose Nagle & Associates? Here are some startling statistics and facts on car accidents and other injuries. Facts 1) There are approximately 6 million car accidents in the U.S. each year. 2) 3 million people … Continue reading

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Just how meaningful is coincidence, beyond the statistics? | Aeon Essays

What so much of the question around meaningful coincidence comes down to is how you choose to fill the vacuum of life’s mysteries. Is the realm of the unknown a place of spirituality and existential significance for you, or does … Continue reading

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Statistics Canada Article on Adult and Youth Correctional Statistics in Canada

The Statistics Canada publication Juristat last week published an article entitled Adult and youth correctional statistics in Canada, 2016/2017.According to the article, the number of adults and youth being supervised by correctional services in Canada has fallen by almost one-fifth … Continue reading

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Statistics on Collaborative Divorce in Florida (1/31/2018 Update)

In 2010, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) released the results of a 4 year study on Collaborative Practice.  The results were based on information gathered from collaborative professionals who filled out a survey at the end of their … Continue reading

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Court Statistics for 2008

The Courts have made public some statistics for 2008 and made a press release. As always, there some good news and some bad news. For the Court of Justice, there is a decline in the number of preliminary references made… … Continue reading

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