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Georgia Police Officers Face Dangers on the State’s Highways

Georgia police officers face daily danger when they are on highway patrol duties. Often they are victims of the accidents they police. Recently in Georgia’s Forsyth County, a deputy was transported to a local hospital after another car hit his … Continue reading

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To kill net neutrality, FCC might have to fight more than half of US states

Enlarge / Net neutrality supporter holds a sign outside FCC on Dec. 14, 2017, before vote to repeal net neutrality rules. (credit: Getty Images | Bloomberg) The legislatures in 26 US states have pending legislation that would enforce net neutrality, … Continue reading

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Will New Jersey Change Sports Betting Regulation in the United States?

Gamblers in the United States wagered nearly $4.2 billion on the 2016 Super Bowl game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. About 97 percent of these bets were made illegally, according to the American Gaming Association. Why do … Continue reading

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Calabresi, Begley, Dore & Agudo on the Rights Protected by a Consensus of the States

Steven G. Calabresi, Hannah Begley, Katherine L. Dore and Sarah E. Agudo (Northwestern University – Pritzker School of Law, Brown University, Students, Northwestern University – Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and Northwestern University – Pritzker School of Law) have posted Individual … Continue reading

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United States Census Bureau Data Repository

“The United States Census Bureau Data Repository preserves and disseminates survey instruments, specifications, data dictionaries, codebooks, and other materials provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. ICPSR, the host of this data repository, has also listed additional Census-related data collections from … Continue reading

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