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Resolving Disputes Between Divorcing New York Spouses Regarding the Outcome of Unused Frozen Embryos

Today, the definition of “family” is wider-ranging than it’s ever been before. Along with that truth is the connected fact that the issues faced by the courts and couples going through divorce and other family law issues span a broader … Continue reading

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Marital Deductions & Non-Citizen Spouses

A QDOT is a specific type of marital deduction trust that is designed to ensure that non-citizen spouses will eventually pay any taxes that may be due upon distribution of the principal from the trust, even if the surviving spouse … Continue reading

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I’m a Beneficiary of My Spouse’s Pension- Is that Marital Property in a Divorce?

By: Jessica A. Bryant After getting married it is not uncommon for people to change the beneficiaries on their various accounts (life insurance, stocks, retirement accounts, etc.) to their new spouse.  In the event of a divorce, most types of … Continue reading

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Fighting to make it easier for military spouses to practice law wherever the call of duty takes them

This Military Spouse Appreciation Day, take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of spouses of U.S. Armed Forces servicemembers and consider how you can support military families. Military spouses of active-duty military servicemembers are uprooted every 3-4 years to … Continue reading

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New Help to Homeowners, Heirs or Spouses

Two important sets of CFPB amendments to its RESPA and TILA mortgage servicing rules go into effect April 19, 2018. These amendments expand the rights of those inheriting homes, awarded a home in divorce, or otherwise succeeding in interest to … Continue reading

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