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Divorce Considerations for Same-Sex Spouses in Texas

In the approximately three-and-a-half years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, many same-sex couples have used the Supreme Court’s proclamation of equal rights to bring their marriages to an end in Texas. While gay and … Continue reading

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What happens to a non-filing spouses joint tenancy interest when the debtor dies during the pendency of a bankruptcy proceeding?

In a recent decision from the 10th Circuit, the court held that the bankruptcy estate’s interest in joint tenancy property terminated upon debtor’s death. When the Chapter 7 debtor died post-petition, the case continued under Bankruptcy Rule 1016 but the … Continue reading

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Divorce and Subpoenaing Your Spouse’s Records

By: Curtis Wiberg During a divorce proceeding, or in a post-decree modification proceeding, issues related to a spouse’s income or assets are often disputed, especially when one spouse suspects the other spouse is hiding income or assets from them. Typically, … Continue reading

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Spouses Need to Think Carefully About When to Take Social Security Benefits

When a person decides to take Social Security is important as it determines the amount of benefit to be received. Social Security benefits are maximized if the person waits until they are 70. A spouse is usually entitled to an… … Continue reading

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Survivor Elections and Reduction of a Spouse’s Share of Military Retirement in an Arizona Divorce

Can a Military Spouse Protect Against a Reduction in Military Retirement Benefits A person in the military may earn a military retirement that may be divided between spouses in a divorce in Arizona. The question is can a military spouse … Continue reading

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