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Hate speech in library meeting rooms

Check this ebook out (ebook isn't free, sorry) for some answers   The Library's Legal Answers for Meeting Rooms and Displays—eEditions e-book Mary MinowTomas A. LipinskiGretchen McCord   https://www.alastore.ala.org/content/librarys-legal-answers-meeting-rooms-and-displays—eeditions-e-book     Q11: How should the library treat displays or meetings … Continue reading

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the perils of default judgments against speech: showing up late can prove onerous

Lokosky v. Gass, No. 1 CA-SA 18-0101, 2018 WL 3150499 (Az. Ct. App. Jun. 28, 2018)Respondents (not Gass, who’s the judge, named for procedural reasons) sued Lokosky for false advertising and related claims seeking to compel Lokosky to "remove from … Continue reading

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The Political Economy of Freedom of Speech in the Second Gilded Age

We are now well into America’s Second Gilded Age. The First Gilded Age was the era of industrial capitalism that begins in the 1870s and 1880s and continued through the first years of the 20th century, ultimately giving way to … Continue reading

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FAN 194.7 (First Amendment News) The public dialogue continues — More from Nadine Strossen on ACLU free speech controversy

The following statement was sent to FAN concerning the ongoing public disuccusion related to the recent ACLU free speech controversy. The dialogue is also ongoing over at The Volokh Conspiracy blog. * * * * Statement of Nadine Strossen Professor … Continue reading

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The ACLU’s Longstanding Commitment to Defending Speech We Hate

As we continue to defend those expressing offensive, harmful views, we also insist on our right to condemn those views. The ACLU, the nation’s oldest and largest civil liberties organization, has always had its share of critics. Many condemned us … Continue reading

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