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Commentary on John Bolton’s Speech Regarding New American Policy on the International Criminal Court

National Security Advisor, John Bolton, delivered remarks today on “Protecting American Constitutionalism and Sovereignty from International Threats.”  In his remarks, Bolton announced a new American policy vis-a-vis the International Criminal Court (ICC or Court).  According to Bolton, the ICC “has … Continue reading

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The Best Originalist Speech Ever Given

I was thinking recently about what might be considered the most eloquent originalist statement ever given. There are many writings that one could nominate, but what about speeches? One candidate is Attorney General Edwin Meese's speech to the American Bar … Continue reading

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FAN 199.6 (First Amendment News) ACLU’s David Cole defends NRA’s political speech rights

Substitute Planned Parenthood or the Communist Party for the NRA, and the point is clear. If [Gov.] Cuomo can [target] the NRA, then conservative governors could have their financial regulators threaten banks and financial institutions that do business with any … Continue reading

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Free speech? Nothing 2(c) here

In ex parte appeal to TTAB, applicant argues that Section 2(c) of the Lanham Act violates the First Amendment under Matal v. Tam https://t.co/dWF9u7k5mI #trademarks […] Read more detail on Recent Copyright posts –

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The GOP's abandonment of free speech is almost complete

It would be sad if it weren’t so predictable. One has to remember the Federalists, the ones who pushed through the Constitution over the Articles of Confederation, almost immediately rejected the notion of free speech within the First Amendment a … Continue reading

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