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Poke Restaurant’s Trademark Enforcement Sparks Protests

Trademark enforcement, particularly in an age of social media and internet shaming, is tricky business.  Some brands (I’m looking at you Louis Vuitton) seem to have enough market share to ignore social backlash arising from its heavy-handed demand letters.  But … Continue reading

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Timeline: Trademark Suit Sparks Pinduoduo IPO Fracas

Pinduoduo is an online shopping platform from China, that combines several e-commerce techniques, including coupons, and discounts for ‘aggregated sales’ (similar to the model of  Massdrop).  Pinduoduo is backed by Tencent. It filed a Form F-1 in connection with a … Continue reading

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Patient Safety Awareness Week sparks conversation about keeping patients free from harm

CHICAGO (March 13, 2018) – Patient Safety Awareness Week, which is aimed at increasing awareness about patient safety among healthcare professionals and the public, will be observed the week of March 11-17, 2018. One goal of the week is to bring … Continue reading

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March Madness (3/10/2018) Hortense Sparks Wards vs. Florence E. Allen

Today’s head-to-head is between Hortense Sparks Ward and Florence E. Allen. Hortense Sparks Ward was the first woman to pass the Texas State Bar and also served as one-third of the all female Texas Supreme Court in 1925. Florence E. … Continue reading

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Smackdown for Texas Judge Sparks

Judge Sam Sparks, a federal judge in Austin, has had a lot of fun at the expense of the lawyers who appear before him. Recently, Judge Sparks publicly chastised both counsel in a hearing and ordered them to attend at … Continue reading

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