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Bush Immigration Plan Sparks New Protests (Fox News)

Organizers say they expect several thousand people at a rally in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest President Bushs immigration reform plan. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Immigration law

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Surge of Pedestrian Deaths Sparks Demands for New Safety Methods

From 2009 to 2016 (the last full year of analyzed data), the number of pedestrian deaths in the United States spiked 46 percent.  During that time, 5,987 people lost their lives in pedestrian accidents and tens of thousands of others … Continue reading

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[Eugene Volokh] Magistrate Rejects Sealing in Discrimination Lawsuit Against Novelist Nicholas Sparks and the School He Founded

A good example of a court properly protecting the public right of access to court records.I've posted a good deal recently about court proceedings in which documents were, in my view, unjustifiably sealed; so I thought I'd pass along a … Continue reading

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Poke Restaurant’s Trademark Enforcement Sparks Protests

Trademark enforcement, particularly in an age of social media and internet shaming, is tricky business.  Some brands (I’m looking at you Louis Vuitton) seem to have enough market share to ignore social backlash arising from its heavy-handed demand letters.  But … Continue reading

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Timeline: Trademark Suit Sparks Pinduoduo IPO Fracas

Pinduoduo is an online shopping platform from China, that combines several e-commerce techniques, including coupons, and discounts for ‘aggregated sales’ (similar to the model of  Massdrop).  Pinduoduo is backed by Tencent. It filed a Form F-1 in connection with a … Continue reading

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