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"It’s my belief that 70-80% of today’s NBA players use marijuana in some form."

The title of this post is one line in the heart of this extended essay, headlined "9 Reasons to End the War on Marijuana," authored by former NBA player Al Harrington at The Players' Tribute. Here are a few excerpts … Continue reading

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Some Cities Ending Participation in Reality Show "Live PD," Citing Negative Image @OfficialLivePD

Some municipalities are ending their participation in A&E's popular reality show "Live PD," citing "image" problems. Law enforcement authorities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Streetsboro, Ohio, for example, say the show puts the spotlight on crime, instead of highlighting more positive … Continue reading

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New Tax Bill May Leave Some Taxpayers Subject to Double Taxation

Several years ago, our office published an article examining the subject of cumulative taxation. Under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment, state taxes must not subject a taxpayer to an unfair cumulative tax burden.  We reported about the … Continue reading

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GOP 2017 Tax Act Forces Nonprofits to Pay UBIT on Some Fringe Benefits

By: Philip Hackney In the new tax act of 2017, Congress imposed an unrelated business income tax on transportation and athletic facility fringe benefits that the nonprofit provides to its employees. I write because I suspect there are universities or … Continue reading

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Some notable recent empirical research on crime

Read more detail on Recent Criminal Law posts –

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