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Probate in Maryland – Small Estates Versus Regular Estates

Probate is the process by which a deceased person’s financial affairs are concluded and their assets are transferred to their legatees (if through a will) or heirs (if without a will).  Because many people pass away with minimal probate assets, … Continue reading

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Startup or Small Business Strapped For Cash? Why the R&D Tax Credit Should Be On Your Radar

For startups or small businesses in the early stages of growth, success hinges on the ability to generate short-term cash flow and operating capital. In navigating the myriad of financing options, businesses frequently overlook a potential non-dilutive source of funding: … Continue reading

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Does Your Business Qualify as Small? The Answer Just Got More Complicated

At the end of 2018, the President signed the Small Business Runway Extension Act.  Without much fanfare, the Act delivers a major shakeup to the Federal small business community. Before the Act, a business would determine its size by calculating … Continue reading

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“Eliminate Most DoD Small Business Set-Asides,” Says Section 809 Panel

The Section 809 Panel has recommended that Congress eliminate most small business set-asides for DoD acquisitions. The Panel would replace the longstanding set-aside system with a meager five percent small business price preference. For small government contractors, this recommendation is … Continue reading

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Open Doors for Small or Medium Sized Enterprises to Investor State Dispute Resolution?

Simon WeberOn 19 October 2018, the European Commission concluded three agreements with Singapore that will govern the relations between the two markets.[1] In particular, the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement EUSIPA, a mixed agreement that needs to be ratified not only … Continue reading

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