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Three simple steps to getting more referrals

Some of your clients are holding back on you. They know people who need your services but they don’t refer them.Do you know why? More importantly, do you know what to do about it?Yes, asking your clients for referrals will work. … Continue reading

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Simple Instructions for Interview with FBI

In the wake of recent publicity that lying to a government agent is a crime, 18 USC Section 1001, here is a set of simple instructions should two FBI agents appear in person at your home or place of business: … Continue reading

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Is Filling a Prescription Simple? — Pharmacist errors can cost lives

Pharmacy and Pharmacist error A patient diagnosed with thyroid problems filled a prescription for the drug levothyroxine. It was written by the doctor for 75 micrograms. It was dispensed at 25 micrograms. Months went by before the mistake was noticed. … Continue reading

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When Can an Estate or Trust Distribute IRD to a Charity and Receive an Income Tax Charitable Deduction?—The Answer is not Simple

Ladson Boyle and Jonathan G. Blattmachr, IRD and Charities: The Separate Share Regulations and the Economic Effect Requirement, 52 Real Prop. Tr. & Est. L.J. 369 (2018). Michael Yu Can an estate or trust with charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries (1) … Continue reading

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7 Simple Ways to Minimize the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax

It's been a little while since I have written an article on the Pennsylvania inheritance tax.  However, before I discuss ways to minimize the PA inheritance tax, it is important to understand that the tax rate is affected by who … Continue reading

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